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Helping the hotel and the guests to save precious time during check-in
% Accuracy
Minutes Saved Weekly
Seconds to Capture
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About Kveso?

Kveso loosely translates into a small fish which is found in the cold arctic region, representing our effort to help automate the tedious form C submission while maintaining high level of accuracy.

With Kveso, hotel saves its precious time at guest check-in & also during filling up of the tedious C form. Our aim is to enable hotels to reduce paper usage done while photocopying passport & visa along with man hours lost while typing the same details to submit with C form.

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Kveso - Accuracy Automated

Save guest's anxious moments when they present their passport to front desk

Go Green

Save paper & precious storage space by digitally saving guest's passport & visa details

Easy to use

With Kveso's intelligent engine, the hotel team with a simple few tap & click can scan guest details & submit C Form

Automated Scan

Scan guest passport & visa in a few seconds with 98% accuracy

Weekly save 1,200 per man hours

No need to scan & type passport / visa details or crop the photograph & finally type the tedious C Form

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How Kveso Works ?

Here is the quick and easy procedure to show the working of Kveso
Downloading the App

Downloading the App

The Kveso App can be downloaded from Google Playstore onto the Smartphone.
Scanning the Passport

Scanning the Passport

The guest’s passport can be scanned and the passport’s details get quickly captured onto the Kveso App.
Scanning the Visa

Scanning the Visa

The guest’s visa can be scanned and the visa details gets quickly captured onto the Kveso App.
Verification & Auto Uploading

Verification & Auto Uploading

After all the details of the Passport and Visa are scanned successfully, the guest’s details can be verified by the Hotel Staff and can be Automatically uploaded onto the Hotel’s backend as a record.
Installing Chrome Extension

Installing Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension can be installed from the Chrome Browser.
Secure Login & go to Record

Secure Login & go to Record

The hotel staff can Login with the User Id and Password and the proceed to the page where the record can be viewed.
Click on the Fill Form Button

Click on the Fill Form Button

The guests photographs gets automatically downloaded.
Login to Form C from the website

Login to Form C from the website

After logging in with the credentials, it will open the Form C and the scanned details automatically get filled into the form.

Automatically all available details are filled

Scanned details are auto-filled on the C Form.

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